New Providence KIDS Check-In System

We begin using our new check-in system THIS Sunday!  You will see the check-in stations in the lobby as you enter the building.  

Please use the touchscreen computers to search for your family by phone number, dashes not needed.  Once in your family profile, please do the following:

 – select one child

 – select the service time you’re attending

 – select show other groups… 

 – select the age/grade level class the selected child will be in,

 – select done

If needed, select another child and repeat the process.  These selections will be saved in your family profile and you will not need to do this each week.  Please make sure the label option is set to print one label for each child, then click finish.  You will receive the same alphanumeric label for each child and a parent label that you can rip in half so both parents can have one to pick up children in separate classrooms.

If you haven’t done so already, please register your child for the new check-in system at, which will help your first check-in go quickly and smoothly.

PARENTS OF K-5TH GRADERS: Beginning this Sunday, if your child in grades K-5th would like to go to Providence KIDS during the service, you will need to check them into their classroom before the service begins and pick them up after the service is over.  Children are always welcome to stay in the regular worship service. After checking in, please escort your child to their classroom.  The best way to locate it is to ask your child to lead the way!  We will also have volunteers available to help guide you.  Please contact Angela Reiss at with any questions.